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Kalooki tournament formats (1 of 3)
Multi round table

Played by 2 to 4 players over 1 to 3 rounds. Penalty points are given for losing a round - the winner is the player with the least amount of points after the final round. The winner is guaranteed at least 75% of the pot, the other 25% is shared between the rest of the players.
 Single Table Tournaments
    2 to 4 players. Players get penalty points for losing rounds & are
     eliminated when they get too many. Winner is the last player left.
Multi Table Tournaments
                   Played by a large number of players. Each has the same number of chips.
                          Players are eliminated when they lose all their chips. The winner
                                    receives a % share of the overall pot.
Turbo, Speed etc
Tournaments overview
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