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Basic Kalooki rules
Players sit across from each other along the sides of the table.
In the centre of the table are two piles: the
stock pile (face down) and the discard pile (face up).
Players take it in turn to do the following:
1. Draw a card from the top of either pile.               
2. Lay down new melds and / or add to melds already on the table (optional)
3. Discard a card on to the top of the discard pile.

 Steps 1 and 3 are compulsory. Step 2 is optional (unless you're playing Kalooki 40 and you took
  a card from the top of this discard pile in which case you must lay down a meld)
       The game ends when one player melds all but one of their cards and discards the last one.
          That player is said to have 'gone out' and they win the game. All other players are
              given penalty points depending on the cards left in their hand (Face value, but
                   Ace counts 11 and Jokers 25!) If a player lays down all their cards at once,
                         they 'go Kalooki' - losing players get an extra 25 points penalty!
Introduction to Kalooki
How to meld in Kalooki
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